Get heard… above the herd

Welcome to Trumpet
Public Relations!

We are a fresh, new and dynamic company with a passion for PR. Our enthusiasm is infectious and, as a small, boutique agency your business matters to us. We produce results that are second to none and get our clients heard… above the herd.

We live in a media-led age where business has become complex and unconventional; there is an increasing need to be “media smart”. At Trumpet, we combine vision and inspiration with tried and tested media publicity mechanics. This winning formula produces innovative campaigns that deliver tangible and measurable results.

With more than ten years experience working both sides of the media — as press and PR, we have the expertise to play the media like the finely tuned instrument it is. We operate in all sectors including print, broadcast and non-conventional media, and can work on a local, regional, national or even international level.

We work with integrity and only execute ideas that we believe in. Our bottom line is that we get excited about producing outstanding results… your bottom line can only benefit!