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Client: Pritt, Australia

Campaign Overview: Media publicity campaign to raise the profile of Pritt

As a brand, Pritt is a household name in the UK, however in Asia Pacific the brand has much more recently been released into the market and faces strong competition from local brands.

This was a publicity campaign designed to raise awareness of the Pritt name and product range and ultimately work to drive sales.

The campaign was two fold, focusing on both the business and schools market and targeted office managers as well as buyers for the educational system.

For schools, an on-going seasonal campaign was launched; a craft consultant was brought in to design art activities for children which could be leveraged for publicity throughout the year. This campaign peaked at times of the year such as Back to School, Mothers Day, Christmas and Easter.

In addition, office managers were targeted in a direct marketing campaign with a number of initiatives designed to encourage loyalty such as the Pritt Secretary of the Year.