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Client: EA Games, Australia

Campaign Overview: Publicity campaign to launch Harry Potter computer game

The brief was to launch the Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets video game in Australia. In order to reach the desired target market, an initiative was devised to run a national schools competition.

A briefing pack was sent to students inviting them to take part in the competition with an opportunity to win computer equipment for their school.

To help capture the children’s imagination, the briefing pack was specially designed as if sent from Hogwarts School and featured imagery from the film. It also included a personalised letter from the character of Hagrid imploring their assistance with a special project.

Participating schools were asked to design an advert in a media of their choice i.e. posters, radio broadcast, television broadcast, etc. to launch the name game. Winning entries were featured in national and regional newspapers and magazines, providing maximum exposure for the forthcoming game.