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Client: Beefeater Barbeques, UK & Australia

Campaign 1 Overview - Australia: National media competition and publicity campaign

To generate media noise and publicity in advance of barbeque season, Australia’s leading barbeque manufacturer launched a national competition to find the nation’s most unusual barbeque.

The competition was run through regional newspapers across Australia from Sydney to Perth. People were asked to send in photographs of their unique barbeques. Entrants photographs were featured in local newspapers and interviews were conducted on local radio to discuss why people thought their barbeque should scoop the winning prize.

This media attention maintained Beefeater’s strong market position and had the tactical advantage of keeping the brand name top of mind with consumers as barbeque season approached. The winning entrant was rewarded with a top of the range gas barbeque and the campaign received excellent coverage in both local and national press.

Campaign 2 Overview - UK: Retail sales promotion

To create brand visibility in the UK, Beefeater Barbecues were teamed up with fellow countryman Cobram Estate Olive Oils in a highly successful national sales promotion run through Tesco and Morrisons.

A specially designed bottle collar was produced with joint Beefeater and Cobram Estate branding which served as an entry form for a national competition to win a Beefeater Barbecue.

The promotion ran for four months and received entries from several thousand customers, giving excellent product visibility as well as providing a consumer database for direct marketing activity.